Neem Pro products are all EPA approved organic Insecticides

Neem Pro 100% is effective against almost all insects that suck or chew on plants.

Neem Pro 100% is SAFE FOR BENEFICIAL INSECTS including lady bugs, bees, and earthworms when applied as directed.

A Unique Active Ingredient

There are many products with ‘Neem’ in their name – but just read the active ingredient; Neem Pro 100% is the only ‘cold pressed neem oil’ that is EPA approved for use as a pesticide. Every other product named ‘neem’ or ‘neem oil’ has the active ingredient of ‘clarified hydrophobic extract of neem’ – just read the bottles.


Neem Pro EC

  • Just Add Water
  • Effective against Dozens of insects
  • For organic production
  • Works on contact or by ingestion
  • Spray fruits and vegetables up to day of harvest