Neem Pro 100%

  • Effective against Dozens of insects
  • OMRI Listed – for organic production
  • Works on contact or by ingestion
  • Spray fruits and vegetables up to day of harvest


How does Neem Pro 100% work?
Neem Pro 100% works as an anti-feedant, insect growth-regulator and repellant.  It affects bugs on contact and by ingestion.
Is Neem Pro 100% eco-friendly?
Neem Pro 100% comes from the seeds of the neem tree and contains powerful natural insecticides.  Meets the NOP requirements for organic production; meets LEED guidelines for low-impact insecticides.
What is the active ingredient?
100% Cold pressed neem oil.  Contains 3750 ppm of azadirachtin.
What plants can we spray?
Neem Pro 100% is labeled for use on all types of plants – fruit and nut trees, lawns, ornamentals, herbs, and vegetables.
Can we spray indoors?
Neem Pro 100% is safe enough to spray on all kinds of plants indoors.   Meets LEED guidelines for low-impact insecticides.

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